9 Years

Today is my wedding anniversary. My wife and I have been married 9 years today, and to tell you he truth, I don’t know where the time has gone. I find myself

today reflecting not only on our time together (I sent flowers to her at work) but also how God has played a part in both of our lives.

"What God has joined, let no one separate."

God had always been a part of our single lives, but it is awesome to think how he became an even greater presence when we wed.

We have been blessed with two beautiful daughters, both of our families have been relatively healthy, everyone still enjoys being together as a family, and we have wonderful friends.

One of the greatest things that we have done together as a couple was to attend a married couples retreat this Spring. It was an opportunity to for us to take time out and focus on US as not just parents, but as two people, who fell in love, and who continue to strive to have God in our lives. We will get another opportunity to share this retreat experience with our kids on June 6th, when we attend a Family Retreat at the Jesuit Spiritual Center in Milford.

So, as I look back at our lives together so far, I can say that I have been truly blessed, and continue to be blessed not only as a husband, but as a father as well. I pray that I can be a good example for my children, a loving and giving husband to my wife, and a better child of God, as he continues with us on our life journey together as husband and wife.

Yours in Christ.


Not giving up.

The dream of having a media rich Catholic web page, to highlight all of the great things that occur in parishes, organizations, schools, as well as from individuals, is still alive. Although there have been a few set-backs, the goals are still there, and the desire is even stronger. Stay tuned for more to come this Summer.

Faith in Action!

Retreat for Families!

We Are Family Flier

Coming on June 6th, at the Jesuit Spiritual Center in Milford, there will be a family centered retreat. Please visit: http://www.jesuitspiritualcenter.com or call (513) 248-3500 x 10.

Pass the flyer around!

God Bless.

Still here…..

The dream is not dead! The hope for a Catholic media site that will highlight how parishioners, groups, and organizations are putting their faith into action. Although, still attempting to put it all together, have run into some road blocks, but will continue trying.

Yours in Christ,


Merry Christmas

I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, and a blessed and safe New Year. I ask that you keep CCM in your prayers as we continue to try and get up and running with stories of Faith in Action.

Yours in Christ,


It’s been a while…..

I know that it has been a while since I have posted. It is my hope that this project gets back on track. Please pray for the assistance and dedication that will be needed to make something like this a success.

Peace Be With You!

Sorry for the absence.

It seems like forever since I have been able to update the status of Cincinnati Catholic Media, because it has. Last Saturday I was able to shoot a bit of footage for the story of The River Group and their service work at Tender Mercies. I have to say it was a pleasure meeting them and spending a little bit of time talking to them about their group and their commitment to theĀ  Catholic faith. http://www.river.catholicweb.com/

I am looking forward to talking with them again as I complete this story. The video will be able to be seen in September as Cincinnati Catholic Media is launched.

I also wanted to talk about the Festival of Faith, that was held the first week of August at the Jesuit Spiritual Center at Milford.


I always enjoy visiting the JSC, whether on a retreat, or just walking the grounds, the beauty and serenity of the property always centers me and brings me closer to God. The FOF however took it one step further. The festival was an opportunity for me to share hearing the stories of the Gospel with my children, as told and acted out by the Sparough Family Mission Team. I would have to say, my favorite part was watching my children sit and listen to the story of the Three Trees, and smile with excitement as the end brings the story of the Nativity. If you haven’t heard the story, I won’t give it away, but I would suggest you go get the book and read it. Such a beautiful story and awesome message.Even if you don’t have children, read it anyway.

Cincinnati Catholic Media is hard at work to bring you stories of faith in action. Stories about and for your fellow parishioners, church groups, organizations, and parish ministries that show God’s love everyday, and demonstrate their faith by serving others.

Yours in Christ.